King Charles III's coronation to clash with Cornwall's historic Helston Flora Day

The annual Cornish celebration could be postponed because of the coronation

Buckingham Palace has announced King Charles III's coronation will take place on May 6 next year - the same date as Helston Flora Day.

The annual Cornish celebration is thought to date back to 1790 and marks the passing of winter and the arrival of spring. 

It is one of the oldest British customs still practised and sees thousands of people dress in top hats and formal wear dance through the streets of the town and perform the 'Hal an Tow' pagent.

Flora Day is traditionally held on May 8 but in 2023 that date falls on a Monday which history says is forbidden because it used to be a market day.

The date chosen instead was the Saturday before, the same day that Charles will be officially crowned.

The tradition is widely celebrated by the town, with the streets being decked with bluebells, gorse and laurel leaves thats been gathered from the surrounding countryside.

Following the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, the town was unable to celebrate for two years.

With the announcement of King Charles' coronation, Helston could have to postpone its festivities once more.

Staff at Helston Town Council are yet to confirm whether they will continue with plans or move the date of the celebration.