Moment boy, 10, with muscular dystrophy surprised with garden transformation in Cheltenham

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A boy from Cheltenham with a serious medical condition has been surprised by a group of volunteers, after his garden was transformed so that he could have somewhere to sit outside.

10-year-old Lyle suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which is an ultimately life-limiting genetic condition, that progressively weakens his muscles.

He is a wheelchair user and spends a lot of time at home. 

Lyle's old garden did not allow him to spend time outdoors due to it being rough and uneven.

But volunteers from British Gas alongside Cheltenham-based children's charity WellChild were able transform the garden using decking and artificial grass to make the area more accessible and safe.

Lyle's mum Connie, thanked the group of volunteers saying the transformation had changed her son's life. She said: "He'll be able to spend time with the family out here, with his brother. It'll make a huge difference to his life."

Volunteers also added sensory items like plants, water, lights and toys into the space to suit Lyle's abilities and allow him to do what he wants in his new garden space.

Kieran a volunteer from WellChild, has highlighted the importance of outdoor spaces for children like Lyle.

"There's a hundred thousand children in the UK with complex health needs. We're trying to get them outside, thriving and safe in that environment."

A spokesperson for the charity added: "Making these changes will make a huge difference to Lyle and his family who will now be able to create happy memories and spend quality time outdoors together".