Monkey sanctuary in Cornwall could be forced to close due to rising costs

Gucci the capuchin monkey is one of the sanctuary's residents. Credit: Wild Futures

A monkey sanctuary home to 40 rescued monkeys is appealing for help to save it from closure amid the cost of living crisis.

Wild Futures in Looe, Cornwall, is home to many monkeys rescued after being dumped in empty cages, some with signs of physical abuse.

The sanctuary provides a safe space for them to heal and also socialises monkeys with others of their kind in a natural environment where they can explore, play and climb trees.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic put the sanctuary under financial strain, with the charity using its reserves to cover maintenance costs.

But now as the cost of living increases, the cost to care for the monkeys has also gone up.

Supporter relations manager Sarah Hanson at Wild Futures said: "Our monthly outgoings are close to £50,000 a month and we are not raising enough to cover that.

"With our reserves depleted, this puts our future in danger.

"If things don’t change, we cannot guarantee our rescued monkeys’ futures with us at the sanctuary."

Olly the capuchin monkey was rescued from a UK primate pet trade Credit: Wild Futures

Despite fundraising efforts and donations from supporters over the years, the charity does not believe it will be able to continue running.

Director of Wild Futures Rachel Hevesi said the charity is facing "unprecedented times".

She added: "We could normally cope with any one of the several challenges to our income streams, but coming in rapid succession means that we face a cash-flow crisis.

"In the 30 years I have been with the charity, these past few years have been the hardest and we are devastated that we are now in this position.

"We need time to rebuild our reserves but with the predictions of costs continuing to rise, we need to act now to save our beloved Sanctuary and continue caring for the rescued monkeys in our care."