Bristol Water issue update on burst water main as people report brown water

  • Watch water flow down Bristol road amid burst main

People in Bristol are being told their water supplies will return to normal in "the next few hours" after a large water main burst.

Bristol Water declared a major incident following the burst main in Cumberland Road earlier today (Thursday 13 October).

Several roads were closed and schools had to shut down due to their water supplies being cut off. Multiple postcodes have been left with no water.

In an update shortly before 5.30pm, a Bristol Water spokesperson said: “We are pleased to report we have successfully isolated the burst main and water supplies for the majority of customers will be returning over the next few hours."

However, the firm warned people may experience air in their water supplies and some discolouration.

"In this instance, please run your taps until the water runs clear for a maximum of 30 minutes. If it still doesn’t run clear, please wait an hour and repeat the process.

“Thank you to our customers for their continued patience.”