'Mount Recyclemore' sculpture dismantled after a year on display at Cornwall's Eden Project

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A giant sculpture depicting the faces of seven world leaders has been dismantled, having been on display at the Eden Project in Cornwall for the past year.

The structure, known as 'Mount Recyclemore', was made from 12 tonnes of electronic material including old CDs, hoovers, computer circuit boards and unwanted stereo systems.

The artwork was inspired by Mount Rushmore, the famous monument in America which depicts four iconic presidents.

'Mount Recyclemore' shows the faces of the political leaders that attended the G7 summit in 2021.

The sculpture depicted seven world leaders. Credit: ITV News

The giant heads of the sculpture attracted worldwide attention when they were installed in Carbis Bay in June.

Each head weighs between 80 and 100kg and is constructed from a different type of material.

US President Joe Biden is made of computer motherboards, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel has an impressive tangle of hair made from discarded wires, fuses and circuits.

The other leaders depicted in the work are Justin Trudeau (Canada), Emmanuel Macron (France), Mario Draghi (Italy), Yoshihide Suga (Japan) and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The G7 summit took place in Cornwall last year Credit: ITV News

Dr Jo Elworthy, director of interpretation at the Eden Project, said: "It has been really successful. It has really helped people to understand how much e-waste we produce around the world, and what we can do with it."

The project was conceived by MusicMagpie and artists Joe Rush and Alex Wreckage of the Mutoid Waste Company.

Inspired by the world-famous Mount Rushmore, the sculpture featured each of the G7 leaders at the time, including President Joe Biden and former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Jo added: "We always intended to have it for a year. Being deconstructed, then re-processed and recycled, is part of its story."