Six bunnies with no ears struggle to find people in Cornwall willing to adopt them

Bunnies Bill and Ben hope their appearance will not put people off adopting them Credit: RSPCA Cornwall

Six bunnies who lost their ears when their mum nibbled them off have not been been able to find a new home because of their unusual look.

The RSPCA is hoping to find new adopters that can look past their appearance.

The bunnies, all seven months old, have been in RSPCA care since they were babies.

Their ears were groomed off by their mum when they were very young, with their mother dying shortly afterwards.

Despite their earless appearance, the bunnies can still hear and do not suffer with any health problems but will need extra care during hot and cold weather as rabbits use their ears to regulate their temperature.

Among the six looking for a home are the two brothers Bill and Ben.

The sisters Heidi, Cottontail, Lily and Petal - are also looking for homes in pairs.

Heidi and Cottontail

Sammy Howard, from RSPCA Cornwall, said: "The bunnies don’t have their ears and we think this unusual appearance is putting off potential adopters which is such a shame. 

"The rabbits are all so sweet and affectionate but need owners who can help them learn to trust people. We hope someone will give them the chance they deserve after such a tough start."

People who can help with adopting can find the six bunnies on the RSPCA’s online 'adoptober' campaign.