Urgent call for people to sign up as carers in Cornwall to fill rising number of vacancies

A critical incident was declared in adult social care in January.

Cornwall Council is urgently asking people to sign up as carers to fill more than a hundred job vacancies and help tackle the growing pressures faced by the sector.

The health and care sector is facing a shortage of care workers, with more than 130 vacancies to fill in the county, so the council wants people from all backgrounds and experiences to consider it as a career.

It comes after a critical incident was declared in adult social care in January this year.

Members of Cornwall Council’s health and adult social care overview and scrutiny committee said that they had been told that there are around 300 people waiting discharge in Cornwall’s hospitals.

They also highlighted a rise in the number of dementia patients who are awaiting discharge, with around 90 of those currently waiting suffering dementia.

Cabinet member for adults and public health Andy Virr said: “As we all know, Cornwall is a very busy place to be during the summer months and there are a wide range of people who enjoy working to support Cornwall’s tourism sector.

"Now the season is coming to an end people might want to consider some of the great opportunities that are available.

“It could be that your children have just started school and you have some spare time on your hands, you might be looking for some extra work on evenings or weekends.

"Whatever the reason there is most likely a role for you, whether that be directly caring for people, kitchen work, cleaning, people management, there is a whole range of career options on offer."