Girl, 13, suffers cardiac arrest on teen night out in Gloucester

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A 13-year-old and her mum have thanked police officers for saving her life after she went into cardiac arrest outside a club in Gloucester.

Nicole Tethington was at an under-18s event with her friend at a club in Eastgate Street on February 22 when she suffered the medical incident.

"All I can really remember is going dizzy and feeling like I was going to go into a seizure," she said.

Nicole suffers from a rare heart condition that doctors are yet to diagnose.

Her mother Katie was at home when she got a worrying phone call from Nicole's friend.

"Nicole's friend rang me to say Nicole was feeling very dizzy and felt like she was going to pass out," she said.

"While on the phone to me she then said Nicole was having a seizure but she was amazing in alerting a lot of people to get help."

Two police officers who were patrolling around Gloucester City Centre that night arrived to help Nicole.

Katie said: "I then had another phone call from a police officer who called me to say she was in cardiac arrest and was being resuscitated at the scene."

But before officers could help Nicole, they would needed to locate a defibrillator as there was not one near the club.

"They had to call another police officer to bring a defibrillator from the police station to restart Nicole's heart," Katie said.

"I literally owe them my life. If it was not for them that day, Nicole wouldn't be here - they went above and beyond their job."

Katie and her daughter have since worked to highlight the importance of defibrillators in potentially saving a life.

She said: "People need to know how much a defibrillator can save someone's life."

There were no defibrillators close to Nicole on the night but three new electronic devices have since been placed across Gloucester's City Centre.