'I'm capable of killing him' - OnlyFans model in voice notes before murdering boyfriend

  • Listen to voice notes mum sent before murdering boyfriend

An OnlyFans model murdered her partner with a single stab to the heart – a day after she left voice notes saying ‘I fully believe I am capable of killing him’.

Mother-of-three Abigail White stabbed Bradley Lewis in the chest at her home in Kingswood in March this year.

The knife penetrated the 22-year-old's heart and he later died in hospital.

The incident happened on the same day Mr Lewis told White he no longer wanted to be together.

After stabbing Mr Lewis, White told emergency services and hospital staff he had injured himself in an attempt to take his own life.

She later admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denied murder.

Following a trial at Bristol Crown Court, White - who earned £50,000 a year on the streaming platform OnlyFans - was found guilty of murder on Friday 21 October. She has been for life with a minimum term of 18 years.

The couple had three children together and Mr Lewis had a fourth with another partner.

Mr Lewis had told White that he did not want to be with her any more, the court heard Credit: Avon and Somerset Police/PA

'He only tells me the truth when he thinks I'm going to kill him'

The day before the murder, White made voice recordings where she spoke of hurting Mr Lewis.

In one, she said: "I have no limit when I get angry. People are genuinely saying to me that I'm quite capable of killing him if he hurts me again, or I'm going to die and end up being in prison."

In another, she said: "I don't believe a f*****g word that comes out of that boy's mouth. I have to beat the f*****g living daylights out of him. And he still don't [sic] tell me the truth.

"He only tells me the truth when he thinks I'm going to kill him. Like when I get a knife out. Like when I stab him."

On the day of the killing the couple had been drinking at a pub. During an argument there, White slapped and spat at Mr Lewis and threw a drink in his face.

White later picked a fight with another man who punched her to the floor. She then told Mr Lewis off for not backing her up.

Their argument continued at her home in Kingswood, on the edge of Bristol, and ended with White picking up a knife and stabbing Mr Lewis in the chest.

White told the jury she only picked up the knife to "scare" Mr Lewis and she did not realise she had stabbed him until afterwards.

The incident happened at White's home in Kingswood Credit: BPM Media.

Speaking to ITV News West Country following the trial, Det Insp Ben Lavender from Avon and Somerset Police's major crime investigation team said the jury saw White was "inherently violent and volatile".

He added: "Abigail put forward her personality disorder is the reason why she was guilty of diminished responsibility manslaughter instead of murder.

"I think the jury saw she was just inherently violent and volatile. And they saw through her lies that she was able to come up with very early on in the investigation and realised that she was actually guilty of the murder."

During the trial the court was told the couple had a turbulent relationship.

White had stabbed Mr Lewis in the arm the week before his death. He went to an NHS walk-in centre for treatment.

“We heard evidence given by herself that she had actually stabbed him in the arm the week before. It was a very volatile relationship," DI Lavender added.

"They'd been together for a number of years, and there was infidelity on both sides.

"Abigail talked about in her evidence how she felt betrayed by Bradley and that he'd cheated on her. And this is all mounted up in her head to take the actions that she did."