Man poured bleach over partner's body - burning her eyes and skin

Liam Gordge has been jailed for one year and nine months

A man has been jailed after burning his partner's eyes and skin with bleach.

Liam Gordge, 22 and of Outer Circle in Taunton, has been jailed for one year and nine months for causing actual bodily harm, criminal damage and four counts of battery, including one against a child.

Exeter Crown Court heard Gordge attacked his partner after blaming her for his dog wetting the bed at a friend’s house where they were staying.

She thought he was going to clear up the mess when he fetched the bleach, but he poured it over her head and body. She was only partially-clothed at the time.

It caused serious burning to her eyes, foaming in her mouth, and inflammation and itching to her skin. He told her to tell doctors she spilt it by accident when she went for medical help.

Gordge went on to attack her three more times over the next three months.

He also threw her coat down the toilet and urinated on it when she asked him to leave.

He also threw a bottle of moisturiser at her - hitting a two-year-old child in the process.

During the sentencing at Exeter Crown Court, Judge David Evans said: "It has been said this was not as serious as an acid attack but it caused burning and irritation to her skin eyes and mouth and it is fortunate the harm was not greater. This was a very serious example of causing actual bodily harm.

"Your violence was then repeated and there was a tone of degradation about some of the incidents. It amounted to a campaign of violence against her."

Victoria Bastock, prosecuting, said the couple had been in a relationship for nine months before the bleach attack in August last year and the violence was repeated until she succeeded in ending the relationship in November.

Michael Brown, defending, said Gordge has no previous record of violence and acted out of character during an unhealthy and toxic ‘tinderbox’ relationship.

He said: "It was not an acid attack and the injuries were mercifully relatively minor. He now has a new partner who is a very positive influence on his life."

Gordge was also handed a restraining order banning any contact with the victim and barring him from the area of Exeter where she lives.