Car washes and golf courses could be told to use less water as reservoir levels remain very low

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Businesses across the region may be asked to stop using water for non-essential jobs unless we get a lot more rain in the next few weeks.

Despite recent downpours, reservoir levels are still much lower than usual at this time of year.

The household hosepipe ban is still in place, and South West Water is considering putting further restrictions on businesses like car washes and golf courses.

Tony Dymond, who owns a valeting service in Launceston, is worried that his water supply could be rationed.

Tony says water restrictions would hamper his newly-opened business. Credit: ITV News

"It would definitely hamper us," he said. "We want to be able to continue, but if those restrictions do come in, we'll have to follow the rules like everyone else."

Lisa Gahan, from South West Water, said: "We don't want to get into a situation where demands are greater than supplies. That's why we're asking everyone living and working in the region to seriously think about the amount of water they are using.

"If we reach the tipping point, then we need to move to more severe restrictions on businesses that use water for non-essential purposes.'

Lisa Gahan says everybody needs to think about how much water they use. Credit: ITV News

Another option available to the water companies is to ask the Environment Agency for emergency powers to take more water from rivers.

But they see this as a last resort, and hope the situation will be resolved naturally.

Lisa added: "We need lots more of this rain to counter the weather we've had all year. Everything we do to save water will push back that point at which demand becomes greater than supplies."