Salt Path author on completing 1,000-mile walk from Scotland to Cornwall with terminally ill husband

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A 1,000-mile trek is not something everyone would think to do with their terminally ill partner - but for Raynor Winn it only seemed right.

Raynor Winn, who now lives in Cornwall, spoke about the experience at Falmouth Book Festival.

Her first book, The Salt Path, sold huge numbers of copies all over the world. It told the story of her and her husband Moth when they were left homeless after he was given a terminal diagnosis.

With nothing left and time running out, the couple made the decision to walk the entirity of the 630-mile South West Coast Path.

Now she is back with her third book, Landlines, which saw the couple embark on a new great journey - walking 1,000 miles from Scotland to Cornwall.

Speaking to ITV News West Country, Raynor said: "Landlines came from the winter of 2021 we were in the final lockdown and Moth's health had deteriorated to the worst point really where he begun to accept maybe the end stages [of his illness] were getting closer.

Raynor and Moth Credit: ITV

"I just couldn't face that - then I found a guidebook on the bookshelf and one thing led to another found and we found ourselves in the north west of Scotland on the most remote and isolated trail in the country. One trail to another and eventually we walked 1,000 miles back to the south coast of Cornwall."

She said it was really difficult for Moth at the beginning of the trip, as his health was so poor.

"People said maybe it was a little bit reckless or a little bit negligent even going to such a remote place," she said. "But it was such a beautiful place, somewhere we'd always wanted to go."