'Gentle giant' mastiff finds forever home after two years in Cornwall rescue centre

Basher had been waiting for a home for more than two years Credit: RSPCA Cornwall

A three-year-old mastiff has finally found a home after more than two years in RSPCA care.

Basher, who weights 60kg and measures six feet when he stands on his back legs, was unable to find a home for 32 months due to his size.

Having been rescued in January 2020, Basher was moved around several rescue centres, with the charity struggling to find people who were willing to adopt him given the challenges that come with his size.

Basher weighs 60kg and measures six foot when he stands on his back legs. Credit: RSPCA Cornwall

Sammy Howard, from RSPCA Cornwall, said: "While he’s a big lad, he’s an absolutely soppy gentle giant, and we all truly fell in love with him during our time with us but we were so desperate to find him the perfect home."

After at least three failed adoptions Basher found a new family in September - Anna and her 14-year-old son, along with their two other dogs and a foster dog.

Anna first spotted Basher's story on Facebook after a friend who works at the rescue centre shared it.

She said: "I’d just moved into a new home and had been thinking about getting another dog; I could see it working here for Basher as we’re very isolated and rural, and we have more than five acres.

"The dogs live out in the stables and barn where they have carpet and their own sofas, although Basher has already destroyed three!

"He really suits living outside and he’s now finally learning how to be a dog - he’s picked up a lot from my other dogs and I’m just giving him the space he needs."

Anna added: "He’s got a lovely life here; he has lots of space and land to explore, the other dogs to mix with, he never wears a lead, and free-roams around the fields as he pleases.

"He loves to sit in the grass, watch the world go by, and spend time with us"

People who can help with adopting can find other pets in need of a home on the RSPCA’s online 'adoptober' campaign.