Cornwall dog found with throat ripped out may now need leg amputated

Lady is on the road to recovery after having emergency surgery but may need more operations Credit: RSPCA Cornwall/JustGiving
  • Warning: this article contains an image of Lady's throat post-surgery

A dog that needed emergency surgery after it was found with its oesophagus ripped out may now need an operation to remove its hind leg.

The RSPCA's Cornwall branch has set up a fundraising page for Lady - a Jack Russell found with a life-threatening injury by an inspector.

They took quick action and managed to get her to a local vet in time. She was then taken in by the centre a few days into her recovery.

The page that is raising donations says luck has not been on Lady's side as she is showing signs of further health problems.

"Lady is now a few days post-op and is recovering well, but sadly, her surgery journey doesn't end here," it says.

"Lady cannot weight-bare on her left hind limb. We do not know how long she's been struggling with this or how it came about.

"Our local vets, Penmellyn Vets, are investigating her leg, but it's likely that she will need to have her leg amputated, or, need cruciate surgery on both of her hind legs.

"As we are not funded by the RSPCA, all of Lady's veterinary bills will be paid for by us.

"We have over 100 animals under our care that all need our support and we, like every other rescue, need finical support from the public to keep helping these animals."