Plymouth Argyle urges fans to bring food bank donations ahead of match against Shrewsbury

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Plymouth Argyle fans are being asked to bring food bank donations ahead of Tuesday's match against Shrewsbury as part of their project aimed at highlighting poverty in Plymouth.

'Project 35' is a collaboration between Cornish sponsor Ginsters and the community trust, and has been embroidered on the Pilgrims kit this season.

In Plymouth, 35% of children were living in poverty when the outreach programme first launched.

During Tuesday's sell-out game, food that is collected from fans will be put into a van and sent to the Oasis Foodbank in Plymouth.

The food bank in Stonehouse has provided more than 81,000 meals in the last 12 months for around 8,500 people, of which around 3,000 are children.

Andrew Denham, project coordinator at Plymouth Foodbank, said:"We've got situations where people are coming to us and even suggesting that they're grateful for whatever we can give them.

"We even had someone not long ago suggest they'd be happy even just to eat dog food - which is pretty scary."

The food bank is becoming increasingly worried that the supply of donations won't be able to keep up with the demand expected ahead of the winter months.

Andrew added: "People are increasingly becoming desperate, they're coming to us at a time that's really difficult and challenging for us.

The Oasis Foodbank supports the community in Stonehouse and Argyle help their campaign will raise more awareness of it's work

"As we move into Christmas we're really not sure what kind of demand we're going to see but we definitely know it's going to increase.

"The next two months are going to be really difficult for us."

With donation from fans, the Plymouth team is hoping the food bank will be able to benefit from added support.

Alice Young, from Plymouth Argyle Community Trust said: "Hopefully by Project 35 being in the city and around the football club, we'll be able to support a lot more families and children and adults across the city."