Tower block family too 'traumatised' to return home after fatal fire in Bristol

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A mother from Bristol says she is too traumatised to move back into her council flat in Twinnell House which was damaged in a fatal fire.

Selma Muuse, 28, and her 6 year-old son fled her top floor flat in the early hours of 25 September. They have been living in hotels ever since and she says they have nowhere else to go.

She said: "All I want to do is live in a place where I feel safe with my son. That's all I'm asking for. But it looks like what I'm asking for is a lot.

"We are the real victims, we lost our neighbour, we had to get ourselves out of that situation. It's been scary for me and my son. He calls it the fire house."

Twinnell House Credit: Google

Abdul Jabar Oryakhel, 30, fell to his death while trying to escape the fire. Ms Muuse remembers her 'kind-hearted' neighbour fondly who used to give sweets to her son.

Ms Muuse says she cannot return home after fearing for her land her son's life during the fire. She is speaking to Bristol City Council about being re-housed in alternative accommodation.

Ms Muuse says she was told on Tuesday 25th October that she would be evicted from her hotel because Bristol City Council has stopped paying her bill. Payment was then reinstated later that day.

She said: "They called the police on me and my kid. Every time we had a knock on the door he hid underneath the bed. It's trauma, after trauma - why am I being dealt like this?"

We have approached Bristol City Council for a statement.

ITV West Country understands alternative accommodation has been offered to Ms Muuse and Bristol City Council continue to pay for her hotel.