Explosions at Somerset pyrotechnics factory prompt major emergency response

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Residents in Ashcott, Somerset, had to be evacuated from their homes after explosions at a pyrotechnics factory.

Firefighters were called shortly after 11pm last night (October 28) and declared a major incident, setting up a 600m cordon around the premises which included 20 properties.

Crews have been working overnight, reassuring residents there was no immediate threat to their safety.

They also advised people to keep their doors and windows closed to keep smoke out of their properties.

Firefighters are still at the scene of the incident today (29 October) although their response has now been scaled back.

Crews confirm that a shipping container was completely destroyed by exploding fireworks.

At 11.30am this morning, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said crews had made the area safe.

The cordon has been removed but a guard will remain at the scene.