Two people 'winched to safety' from the sea by helicopter in large rescue operation near St Austell

Coastguard helicopter was used during rescue operation
Coastguard helicopter was used during rescue operation Credit: Marie-Louise Rolfe

Two people were “winched to safety” by helicopter from the sea in Cornwall in a large rescue operation on Friday (October 28).

The pair called 999 and reported they were in difficulty at sea after struggling between Carlyon Bay and Par, near St Austell.

Two coastguard teams, the coastguard helicopter, and the RNLI were involved in the rescue operation.

The emergency services eventually found them near Charlestown and the coastguard helicopter pulled them from the sea.

A spokesperson for the St Austell coastguard team said: "The team were called today to reports of two persons in difficulty between Carlyon Bay and Par.

"Working with Fowey RNLI, Mevagissey coastguard and coastguard rescue 924 a search was carried out.

"The casualties were found in the Charlestown Harbour area and were winched to safety by the rescue helicopter.

"The casualties were handed over to the rescue team once landed and checked over.

"The casualties made the right 999 coastguard call for assistance."