As it happened: Glastonbury Festival coach tickets sell out in 22 minutes

Tickets to this year's Glastonbury Festival will cost £335 Credit: PA

Coach ticket packages for Glastonbury Festival 2023 sold out in just 22 minutes.

Hundreds of thousands of people tried to get their hands on the tickets, which sold out 5 minutes quicker than last year.

The general ticket sale will start at 9am on Sunday 6 November.

Tickets are being sold exclusively at

Some people reported the site crashing within minutes of the tickets being released.

Others managed to buy their tickets, some just a few minutes after they went on sale.

See Tickets has said people seeing 'ticket not available' for their chosen departure means it has sold out.

Wednesday coach tickets for the festival are now sold out, the ticket company says.

What time do Glastonbury coach and general tickets go on sale?

Coach ticket packages for Glastonbury Festival 2023 will go on sale from 6pm tonight while the general sale will start at 9am on Sunday 6 November.

How much are coach tickets to Glastonbury Festival?

Tickets to Glastonbury Festival 2023 will cost £335 + £5 booking fee.

People will be asked to pay a £50 deposit (plus coach fee if applicable) before paying their balances off in the first week of April 2023. Any tickets which do not get paid off will then be up for grabs in a re-sale.

Coach tickets packages will incur an additional fee. These are the details for coach ticket packages for 2023:

How hard is it to get Glastonbury tickets?

In recent years it has become very difficult to buy Glastonbury Festival tickets. The last time they went on sale, all tickets were gone within half an hour.

The previous sale saw 2.4 million people try for tickets - but the event has a capacity of 210,000 which includes staff and volunteers.

There are only around 200,000 tickets up for grabs, with the two sales taking place this week.

Tips and tricks for getting Glastonbury Festival tickets

The main tip to getting Glastonbury tickets is to be organised.

If you want to go to Glastonbury, you have to be registered beforehand. Registration for 2023 has now closed.

If you're already registered, make sure you have the registration details for you and your group handy at the start of the sale. You will need each person's full name and postcode as well as their registration details.

If you get through you will only be able to purchase a maximum of six tickets at a time.

If there are more than six of you trying, you should decide how to split your group ahead of time. If one person from the group already has a ticket reserved for them when you get through, entering their details again could delay the transaction for the rest of the group.

If you get through, you will have to pay a £50 deposit plus the coach fare - so make sure you have enough money available in your account to cover the entire group.

UK tickets can be purchased with a UK debit card or Visa or Mastercard credit cards while international tickets can only be bought by Visa credit card or Mastercard credit card.

The festival's organisers also advise people not to use multiple devices.