Number of dog-on-dog attacks jumps 'dramatically' in Wiltshire

There have been 324 reported attacks in Wiltshire, compared to 255 in the whole of 2019. Credit: PA Images

The number of dog-on-dog attacks in Wiltshire has jumped dramatically this year according to the county’s dog wardens.

Dog Warden Team Leader Clair Francis said there have been 324 reported attacks in the county, compared to 255 in the whole of 2019.

There have been four dog fatalities due to these attacks in the last two months which, she says is “really unusual”.

She says the rise is linked to the pandemic: “There are more dogs around because during Covid dogs became very popular and their value went up.

"Some people who have not had dogs before are not aware of how to control them and because of lockdown many dogs were not allowed near other dogs, so they’re not used to it.

"Certain dogs were bred to hunt and so when they see a small fluffy dog they go running after it.”

Owners are advised to keep dogs on their leads in order to prevent any attacks.

"Your own might be friendly but other dogs might not be and if you spot signs of aggression take your dog to a professional trainer", Clair said.

There are currently two dog wardens in Wiltshire but a third is being recruited.

Credit: Jude Holden, Local Democracy Reporting Service.