Council apologises after thousands were unable to see firework display in Bradford on Avon

PA firework
Credit: PA Images

A town council has apologised after thousands were left disappointed by a fireworks display in Wiltshire.

People gathered in Victory Field in Bradford on Avon on Saturday (5 November) for the event, only to find when the display began it was obscured by trees and houses.

Some of those attending tried to quickly move to surrounding roads to get a better view, while many others simply gave up.

A gift fair in the field was also called off late on Saturday because of the wet conditions.

The council said the display would still go ahead, advising people to gather in Victory Field, and said the fireworks would be "visible across the town".

"Some very sad kids"

Those who attended were quick to post their disappointment online.

Louise Barnes said "What a terrible display! We could only see over the tops of trees and through houses from the victory field.

"What a shame as no one in the field could see properly and there was so many eager families and children there too! Why didn’t someone check that the trees and houses would obscure the view?"

Ken Glass said "Took our Grandchildren from Frome. Disaster. I don't understand why the Town council stewards in attendance didn't direct people to a different area where the fireworks could be seen."

Some were left wondering if the fireworks they could see were even the official display.

Kim Hannon said: "Please can you let us few hundred people standing in Victory Fields if that display at 7 that we couldn’t see was the display…some very sad kids."

The council said "Bradford on Avon Town Council would like to apologise for the firework display tonight.

"The Town Council is very sorry that so many people, children especially, came out to Victory Field and were disappointed. We will investigate what went wrong."