The Exeter home transformed into a massive gingerbread house ahead of Christmas

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A woman from Exeter has been getting into the Christmas spirit by completely transforming her home into a gingerbread house.

Fitted with bourbon biscuits, lollypops and Quality Street chocolates, the house has been decorated from top to bottom.

Carmen Croxall was first inspired to decorate her home when she wanted to change the appearance of her front door.

She said: "I just wanted to decorate my door because it was like a PVC door and then thought - I should just put a bit more round it.

"The more I thought about it I realised I'm just going to have to do the whole house to make the door look good."

Despite the enormity of the project, Carmen only recently got the idea to transform her home.

"It was quite a quick project so I only had the idea about two weeks ago," she said.

While most people are getting their home ready for Christmas by hanging up lights, Carmen's project proved to be a more unique festive display.

"I was pushing my luck a little bit with the neighbours so I thought lights might be a little too far - this is quite a lot already," Carmen said.

Carmen's festive display features lollypops, bourbon biscuits and quality street chocolates.

But so far Carmen's neighbours seem to be enjoying the decorations almost as much as children in the neighbourhood.

"Children absolutely love it and if I'm out here tweaking or fixing it and children go past I tell them that there's a gingerbread family who lives in the house," she added.

Carmen says the decorations will stay up at least until Christmas - 48 days away.