Baby orangutan makes its first appearance at Paignton Zoo

  • Watch Chinta show off her new baby to visitors for the first time

Visitors at Paignton Zoo have been treated to the sight of a baby Bornean orangutan for the first time.

The youngster is just a few weeks old and is the first to be born to its mother, Chinta, in nine years.

Bornean orangutans are a critically endangered species and the zoo is involved in a European breeding program to help boost the population.

The main threat to the apes is the loss of their habitat due to palm oil production, illegal logging and agriculture.

Keepers haven't yet decided on a name for the youngster. Credit: Georgina Barnes

The arrival of baby, who's still yet to be publicly named, brings the number of organutans at the zoo to four.

They include the baby's father, Wousan, who moved to the zoo five years ago from Germany, and the baby's nine-year-old sister Natty.

Georgina Barnes from Paignton Zoo said: "There are three species of orangutan, we have Borneo organutans here. They're all critically endangered and unfortunately they're still decreasing."

"So to have a baby born here is absolutely fantastic."