Banksy releases moving video of seven new murals on crumbling buildings in Ukraine

Five days after Banksy debuted his latest mural on Instagram, the elusive street artist confirmed that he was behind seven new paintings in Ukraine.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Banksy showed his travels to the city of Borodianka this month.

The first piece to be identified went viral over the weekend. It shows a female gymnast balancing on a pile of rubble on the side of a bombed building.

Another mural depicted a man resembling Russian President Vladimir Putin being flipped during a judo match with a little boy.

The artwork popped up across the country of Ukraine Credit: Instagram

In the town of Horenka, another mural on the side of a block of flats damaged by Russian missiles showed a man in a bathtub.

Banksy used items on the streets to make up his art with one mural showing two children using a metal tank trap as a seesaw.

Before revealing the full extent of his artwork in Ukraine, speculation had been mounting that the anonymous graffiti artist was in the war-torn country after a series of murals appeared in the town near Kyiv.

On Friday he posted three images of one of the murals with the caption simply reading “Borodyanka, Ukraine.”

The video shared on his Instagram showed Banksy speaking to the local community.

One mother and daughter posed for a picture in front of what used to be the little girl's preschool.

The woman said: "It was a bomb here and many people died.

"My child used to go to this kindergarten."

The video showed Banksy speaking with people on the streets of Ukraine Credit: Instagram

Speaking to her daughter, she comforted her saying: "Don't cry, honey.

"We already cried so much, we don't have any tears left."

Borodyanka, located northwest of the capital, was one of the towns hardest hit by Russia’s bombardment at the beginning of the invasion.

Russian soldiers invaded in February of this year, occupying the town for weeks before it was liberated in April.

Since then, the town has been the focus of reconstruction efforts, with several tower blocks demolished as a result of damage caused by the fighting.