Turnip Prize 2022: Finalists of spoof art prize reference Queen's death and Ukraine

The organisers of Somerset's Turnip Prize have revealed the finalists for this year’s competition.

Set up as a parody of the world-famous Turner Prize, the Turnip Prize is awarded to the person using the “least amount of effort possible” to make a unique piece of art.

This year’s spoof contest received 69 entries which will be judged by last year’s competition winner Ching Ching Pi Pi Ee and the event’s organiser Trevor Prideaux, who told ITV that this year's creativity is up to its 'usual c*** standard'.

He said: "The Turnip Prize is now in its 24th year and this year we have four wonderful finalists that have equally used no or little effort at all.

"It will be a very tricky decision given the standard of the works nominated."

The 2022 finalists for the Turnip Prize

  • 'Ukraine' by Turnip Prize finalist Ivor Bolshoi Liebherr

Ukraine, a yellow plastic crane carrying a yew sprig by Ivor Bolshoi Liebherr
  • RIP Elizabeth the 2nd - a torn 2nd class stamp by Charlie King

'RIP Elizabeth the 2nd' by finalist Charlie King Credit: Trevor Prideaux
  • Cue Jumpers, a pool cue with two small jumpers attached by Lie Instate

'Cue Jumpers' by Lie Instate Credit: Trevor Prideaux
  • Red Tape, a reel of red insulation tape by .Gov 

'Red Tape' by .Gov Credit: Trevor Prideaux

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 7 December at a prizegiving presentation at the New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset.

The winner will receive an unusual trophy of a turnip attached to a wooden base.