Family-run traditional Cornish pasty shop closes suddenly as steak 'triples in price'

Ian Trevithick and Juliet Palarm pictured inside their pasty and fudge shop on Redruth high street. Credit: Greg Martin

A family-run pasty shop in Cornwall has been forced to close as the price of food soars.

Denzil Trethevicks Pasties have been serving customers on Fore Street in Redruth since 1959.

But now the shop has become the latest business closing its doors as the the cost of living crisis continues.

The traditional pasty and fudge shop had been a favourite within the town and was praised by locals for its 'proper' pasties.

Owner Ian Trethethick says ill health and the rising cost of ingredients means he simply cannot continue.

Ian said: "It's for two reasons really. I'm now partially blind due to diabetes and other health conditions and I can't keep working.

"It's a little bit sad but on the other hand it's also the financial climate."

He said "everything has gone up" - from supplies to the cost of running the shop.

"It is just not viable to stay open," he added.

"The electric [prices] are ridiculously hard. The butter, the lard and all the ingredients. Steak has tripled in price".

The pasty shop has been serving customers since 1959. Credit: Google

The 59-year-old added that the business will continue to fulfil wholesale orders until Christmas and will then sell confectionary items like fudge and the nougat online - as long as is viable to do so.

The building is currently for sale and Ian is still hopeful that someone will take it over.

"It would be really nice to help somebody who is into pasties now and may need a little bit of advice and help. It's hard work but I could help them take it over," he said.