Seal rescued for second time after getting 'horrifically entangled' in fishing hooks

Black Widow is slowly recovering after being rescued in Cornwall Credit: BDMLR Cornwall Seal Hospital

A seal has been rescued in Cornwall after being found 'horrifically entangled' in fishing hooks.

The animal was found on Bamaluz beach in St Ives on 18 November and is now recovering.

The hooks had become embedded in different parts of her body including her flippers, underside, and mouth.

It was the second time the seal, which has been named Black Widow, was rescued as medics from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) found she had previously been tagged.

The seal had already been rescued in Devon in 2020 Credit: BDMLR Cornwall Seal Hospital

She was first found in Croyde, North Devon in 2020 and was rehabilitated by the team at RSPCA West Hatch.

At the time she had been named Anise and was released back into the wild in January 2021.

The seal was found entangled in fishing line and mackerel hooks Credit: BDMLR Cornwall Seal Hospital

Following her most recent rescue, those who have been caring for her at the BDMLR Seal Hospital in Cornwall say she is "making slow and steady progress, getting a little brighter each day and tucking into her fish".

She is expected to be transferred back to RSPCA West Hatch today where she can finish her rehabilitation process with their expert team.