Residents in Churchdown 'trapped in their own village' due to roadworks

Churchdown residents say constant roadworks make them feel trapped in their own village. Credit: Liz Skelt

Residents in Churchdown say they are facing 'nightmare' delays and feel trapped in their own village because of roadworks in their village.

Hundreds of residents in the Gloucestershire village say they have had to put up with constant roadworks and closures as well as increasing levels of traffic.

They fear if roadworks are not planned properly the issues will continue to impact their lives.

A petition signed by more than 500 residents was handed into Gloucestershire County Council this month calling on highways chiefs to look at coordinating roadworks and closures to reduce traffic issues in the village.

Liz Skelt, who set up the petition, says Churchdown residents felt they were being ignored.

She said: “It feels like Churchdown has been the victim of poor planning and the residents are at the mercy of these highway agencies that do not seem to know what each other are doing.

“We do wonder how they could not have coordinated the works better as it seems like they are digging up the same road over and over again.

“The traffic at certain times of the day in Churchdown is already almost gridlocked. 

"Residents have been spending huge amounts of their time, and money on fuel, stuck in the extra delays these roadworks have created.

“You might think that they should take a different route out of the village, as there is more than one road out of the village, but these escape routes are also thwarted by road closures and other roadworks.

“Residents have had the overwhelming feeling of being trapped in their village.”

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire County Council said they appreciate and understand roadworks are inconvenient and frustrating for road users and local residents.

They say they do their best to minimise disruptions such as carrying out works overnight when possible, as well as during the school holidays.

The statement reads: “We also work closely with the utility companies and National Highways to limit the impact of their work and often push back and ask partners to reschedule their work where it coincides with others.

“The area has required critical safety works on the motorway bridge by National Highways and some emergency installation and repair works by utility companies, whilst we’ve been undertaking the cycle scheme, which in itself has defined delivery times to meet central government funding requirements.

“Unfortunately, the tandem works in Churchdown are unavoidable and while we apologise for the inconvenience, there wasn’t another way to complete these works this time.”

Lib Dem Councillor for Churchdown, Ben Evans, says he is behind the cycle path and sustainable travel but cannot understand why the people of Churchdown are not being listened to over this issue.

He said: “The local councillors care and are listening, but when we meet the council cabinet we are just brushed aside.

“We want to see roadworks properly planned and sequenced to minimise the disruption for people who have to use these roads every single day”