Harry Kane inspired 'uni-Kane' statue on display at Bristol's Ashton Gate until World Cup final

Credit: Leukaemia Care UK

The first statue of Bristol’s 2023 Unicornfest has been revealed.

The campaign, which is in aid of Leukamia Care UK, kicked off on 29 November with the appearance of two unicorns in the city.

To coincide with the 2022 football World Cup 'Harry Uni-kane' - an England supporting unicorn - can be found at Ashton Gate stadium until the final on Sunday 18 December.

A Christmas-themed unicorn will also be on show at Bristol’s Christmas market in Broadmead this week.

The two statues will give members of the public an advanced look at the unicorns, which will be on display across the city from July next year.

Leukaemia Care is the UK’s leading Leukaemia charity combatting the disease, which is the most common cancer in children.

Both unicorns will be wearing a QR code plaque linking to the charity’s fundraising campaign.

The Harry Uni-Kane statue will stay at Bristol's Ashton Gate stadium until the final of the World Cup Credit: Leukaemia Care UK

Visitors will be able to donate directly from their bank account into Leukaemia Care’s bank account without a debit or credit card.

Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, CEO of Leukaemia Care, said: “The trail is free for all to enjoy, but together we’ve given the opportunity to donate through QR codes across the trail for those who would like to.

"This will supplement our other efforts to fund the important work of Leukaemia Care”.

The event has already attracted 25 sponsors from across the city leaving just 20 sponsorship spaces remaining.

Those involved will be matched to an artist early next year ahead of painting commencing in February.

Unicornfest will take place across Bristol from 1 July to 3 September 2023.