Newquay pensioner aged 75 saved by stranger in the street after suffering cardiac arrest

(From left to right) Sandra and Philip Whieldon pictured sitting next to Beth Pearce and neighbour Roxanne. Credit: BPM Media

A pensioner from Newquay was saved by a passing stranger after suffering a cardiac arrest whilst mowing his front garden.

Beth Pearce was driving to work when she saw Philip Whieldon fall face down onto the pavement.

Beth had abandoned her car and rushed to Philip to check on him - but she found he had no pulse.

Beth had just completed a first aid training course as part of her job at her family-owned healthcare agency, Peace Haven Care, - meaning she was able to provide life-saving CPR.

She continued CPR for nearly twenty minutes until paramedics arrived and used a defibrillator to shock the 75-year-old's heart back into rhythm.

Philip's wife Sandra was out shopping at the time and was contacted and informed about her husband's condition.

She came home to find that her husband was being airlifted to Treliske Hospital in Truro.

Her neighbour, Roxanne, who neither of them had met before, was standing by and offered to take Sandra to the hospital to be with her husband.

Roxanne stayed with Sandra in the waiting area to get an update on Philip's condition.

Beth said: "It was definitely fate that we were supposed to meet. The ambulance staff said if it wasn't for me, Philip wouldn't be here today.

"The pleasure I feel in giving this man a second chance at life is something I'll never forget. I think we've got a friendship for life now."

The Whieldons, Beth and Roxanne reunited after Philip spent several weeks in hospital fighting for his life.

Beth described the encounter as "emotional" as Philip cried upon meeting his saviour.

Philip, who does not remember what happened at all, said: "Luck was on my side. If I was cutting grass at the back of the house nobody would have seen me and things would have been a different story.

"The care and attention at Treliske was absolutely amazing. The nurses were fantastic. And of course Beth did this amazing CPR. I've got so much to be thankful for. I'm getting better everyday."

Beth added that she would encourage anyone to take a first-aid training course.