Incredible icicles created by burst pipe and freezing temperatures in Gloucestershire

  • Watch incredible formation of icicles

Hundreds of icicles have formed by the side of a road in Gloucestershire due to a burst pipe and freezing temperatures.

The icy phenomenon was spotted this morning (16 December) in Staunton near Corse.

The mains pipe is thought to have leaked water onto the road, which has then been sprayed into the surrounding bushes by vehicles passing by.

The spray has frozen on the plants and due to the cold temperatures, the existing ice has not thawed throughout the past few days. This means more and more water has solidified as it drips down, creating long icicles.

The wall of icy spectacles has been created by the low temperatures throughout the week

It comes as low temperatures keep the county in an icy grip that will last until Sunday. Even then, a Met Office weather warning for ice is in force that morning.

Gloucestershire saw snowfall last Sunday (11 December) and prolonged cold weather has caused much of the snow and frost to persist throughout the week.

The unusually chilly temperatures saw more than 200 schools close on Monday, while some schools are shut today due to heating and boiler issues.

Snow fell in Gloucestershire last Sunday and much of it has only partially melted as temperatures hover just above zero degrees

But the Met Office has said there will be a marked change on Sunday, when temperatures are expected to rise, with highs of up to 13C by Monday.

Forecasters have said it will then get cold again, but temperatures will not be as freezing as the past week.