Rocket to be launched from Cornish runway next year

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Cornwall Airport Newquay has been chosen to host next year's space launch due to having the second longest runway in the UK.

Cornwall Airport Newquay’s 168-strong workforce already juggles commercial, private, military and emergency flights and in the New Year spacecraft can be added to that list.

Sam O’Dwyer, the managing director of Cornwall Airport Newquay, says 2022 has been a good year for the airport.

“We’re at 65% of our pre-Covid passenger levels, which is really good news to see that the travel industry really is recovering," she said.

Sam O’Dwyer the Managing Director of Cornwall Airport Newquay welcomes hosting the first UK space launch on their runway. Credit: ITV

"I think it’ll be interesting what happens this winter with fuel price and utilities increases but at the moment our numbers are really holding out so we’ve got nine airline partners and 18 destinations, which is actually more than pre-pandemic.

"We’re really building up our route network and keeping that connectivity for Cornwall and at the same time we’ve been preparing for the Spaceport launch.”

Cornwall Airport Newquay has been chosen for the first space launch on UK soil due to its runway which is 2,744 metres long, the second longest in the whole country.

Councillor Louis Gardner, cabinet member for economy at Cornwall Council said: “The airport is hugely important to Cornwall - we think it brings about £60million a year of added value to Cornwall.

Cornwall airport Credit: ITV

"It's hugely important as a hub for business destinations but also as a place where we can jet off to passenger destinations. I speak to people in Cornish business every single day and every single one of those businesses say the single most important thing that the council runs here in Cornwall supporting Cornish business is the airport.

"Anything we do with Spaceport is only going to add to that and further put Cornwall on the map and Cornwall Airport Newquay on the map.”

Over the coming years the site around the runway at Cornwall Airport Newquay is expected to welcome many new businesses. It’s hoped this redevelopment with further secure the future for Cornwall Airport Newquay.