Stunning photos show the sea has begun to freeze as temperatures fall in North Devon

The frozen scenes in Bideford Credit: BPM Media

The temperatures have plunged so low in the West Country that the sea has begun to freeze in North Devon.

A series of extraordinary photos were taken in Westward Ho! and show the shoreline waters frozen over this week.

According to the Met Office, seawater can freeze just like freshwater. But because of its salt content, it requires lower temperatures to freeze.

The freezing point of freshwater is 0C, but the salt forces the freezing point of seawater to be around -1.8C. When seawater does freeze, the ice contains very little salt because it's only the water that freezes.

But this week has seen temperatures fall to -4C, leading to chunks of ice forming, which have then washed up on the coast.

Here are some pictures taken by Becky Dickinson.

Freezing seawater in Bideford Credit: BPM Media
Westward Ho! Credit: BPM Media
Frozen sea in North Devon Credit: BPM Media