Gloucestershire Royal Hospital urges people to 'use water conservatively' amid burst main

  • Watch footage from last night after the water main burst on Barnwood Road

People in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital are being asked to use water conservatively due to a burst main.

A large burst water main sparked severe flooding in Barnwood Road, Gloucester, yesterday afternoon (19 December), affecting water supplies in the area.

While Severn Trent says the main has since been fixed and water supplies are returning to normal, Gloucestershire Royal says it is affected by the issue.

In a statement, it told ITV News West Country: "Like so many other households and businesses in the area (GL1 postcode), Gloucestershire Royal Hospital has been affected by the mains burst pipe at Barnwood Road, Gloucester.

“We have contingency plans in place to ensure the hospital site and patients are supplied with water and we will continue to work closely with Severn Trent on implementing these plans.

“Meanwhile anyone accessing the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital site is advised to use water conservatively.”