Police help snowed-in registrars get to Stroud wedding on time

201222 Wedding Stroud Gloucestershire Police
Registrar Kevin with his vital wedding paperwork Credit: Gloucestershire Police

Two police officers from Stroud saved the big day for one couple last week when snow struck parts of Gloucestershire.

Registrars Kevin and Sarah left a very snowy Gloucester at 10am on Sunday 11 December to make their way to their office in Stroud.

They needed to collect legal documents to take to a wedding later that day.

Up against the clock and with snow falling, Kevin and Sarah struggled to get to the office by car.

The duo persisted, travelling cross country to avoid the M5, which was impassable.

They then saw PC Sam Taylor at the bottom of Merrywalks and flagged him down.

A snowy Stroud on Sunday 11 December Credit: Gloucestershire Police

PC Conor Webb was also in the vicinity and together they were able to take the pair up the hill in a 4x4.

PC Webb returned them to their car and and then they found a safer route to the wedding venue. 

The registrars made it to the venue with their legal documents in just enough time and they were able to carry out the couple's legal ceremony.

Registrar Kevin said: “Once we walked into the room to carry out the ceremony and having explained to the guests that Stroud Police had come to our rescue, there were loud cheers!

“It really was a great adventure and we were delighted to be able to perform the wedding on behalf of Gloucestershire Registration Service.

"Nothing was going to stop us from getting to the venue on time! Thank you Stroud Police!”