This Morning guest James Purefoy brought to tears by Josie Gibson's Bristolian accent

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A Somerset actor became emotional while appearing on ITV's This Morning after listening to the presenter Josie Gibson's Bristolian accent.

James Purefoy, 58, was brought to tears after hearing Josie speak with a Bristolian accent that says made him think of home.

Presenting the show alongside Craig Doyle, Josie had asked the actor about his upcoming role as Louis XV in BBC series Marie Antoinette when he visibly teared up.

Wiping away his tears James said: "I'm so happy to hear your voice and hear your accent on national television.

"It makes me a bit teary."

James was born in Taunton in 1964, and worked on a pig farm and as a porter at Yeovil District Hospital before becoming an established actor.

James went on to say: "It's just lovely. I'm tearing up. Look at me, honestly, what a wreck!"

Craig, who is Irish, offered the actor a tissue saying "Oh my goodness, you're actually crying," and asking "What is it about hearing Josie's accent that makes you so emotional?"

James replied: "I don't think you hear a West Country accent [on TV] very often and when you do, they're often stereotypical and they're not the ones you want to be associated with.

"So, when you hear it just as a part of a normal day on television, it's really nice to hear it. I am tearing up."