Barnwood Road Flooding: Burst pipe causes Gloucester road to close until next year

The water main burst on Monday 19 December Credit: Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service

Barnwood Road in Gloucester will remain closed until 2023 after a burst pipe flooded the site earlier this week.

The road closed when thousands of litres of water flooded the key route just before rush hour on December 19.

Engineers working on the burst water main have said it will take some time to repair.

Severn Trent Water believes the pipe was damaged by the recent long period of sub-zero freezing temperatures, causing it to burst.

The section of Barnwood Road underneath the rail bridge then flooded.

The water company said there would be delays to repairs as it had "come across some complications."

The road, which connects the Barnwood area of the city to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, will be closed to pedestrians, traffic and motorists until 2023.

Necessary repairs will be carried out on the footpath and road.

The loss of water in the area on Monday caused the local Aspen GP Centre to close the following day.

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital was forced to use an alternative water supply, urging patients to help reserve supplies.

Water was restored gradually, over the course of Tuesday, December 20.

A spokesperson from Severn Trent said: "We are looking at options on how we can start to allow some traffic through, but only if it is safe."