The 'Christmas street' that's raised nearly £10k for the air ambulance

A Minehead man has lit up numerous houses on his street and helped raised nearly £10,000 for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.

Michael Grace lives on Plover Close in the town and has gradually built up his collection of lights over the years. He now has so many that his neighbours have been taking part in his annual tradition, many using his lights to illuminate their homes.

The rise in energy prices has meant that the display runs on reduced hours this year and is set to finish earlier in January than normal. However, Michael says that lots of people have been visiting the road and donating generously.

Michael Grace has so many lights that he adds them to other houses' displays on Plover Close

The display involves thousands of lights and Michael says he needs to start early to get them all up in time. He said: "I start the first week of October then it takes me every weekend to complete for the first of December.

"We've been raising money for eight years for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and it gets better and better every year."

Michael's wife Beverley said: "We really like it. The kids enjoy it - it's just amazing. To raise money for such a good cause is just amazing."

The family had raised £8,000 before this Christmas and hope to pass the £10,000 mark soon.

The times when the display is lit are available on its Facebook page.