The cats and dogs looking for new homes in Wiltshire this Christmas

Bath Cats and Dogs Home is looking for people who could be a match for some of their animals this winter.

The rehoming charity says it takes in many animals from Wiltshire from particular and is looking to find them their forever homes.

Here are a few of the dogs and cats that have been rescued and given to the home by Wiltshire Council’s Dog Warden service recently.


Blaze is a four-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross and is looking for a new start.

Blaze the dog Credit: Bath Cats and Dogs Home

The centre says he can be very excitable as most bull breeds can be, but he also has a wonderfully affectionate side and would make a loyal companion.

"He loves to play with all toys but is definitely a fan of tennis balls, choosing to hoard them all in his bed," the home added.

But Blaze does not enjoy meeting other dogs and would only be suitable for a family with teenage children.


Flyn the Dog is looking for a new home Credit: Bath Cats and Dogs Home

Flyn is a three-year-old patterdale terrier who is always on the go and enjoys lots of play time.

The centre said: "Flyn is quite anxious on the whole, so you’ll need to be understanding of his boundaries and abilities – but they are sure to expand as he becomes part of the family.

"Keeping life steady and calm for Flyn is what he needs. He cannot live with other dogs but is suitable for a family with teenagers."


Casper is also looking for a home this winter Credit: Bath Cats and Dogs Home

Casper is a three-year-old short hair cat. He is quiet and calm and the centre says would like a home that matches his personality.

"Once he gets to know you, he is sweet and sometimes even playful but will need a little time before he’ll show off this side of him," they said.

He cannot be rehomed to some areas around Bath, to prevent him from straying to his previous home. Homes with dogs or very small children are also not suitable.


Poppet is looking to find a new family Credit: Bath Cats and Dogs Home

Poppet is a 14-year-old long hair cat.

The centre says she is always happy to make new friends and loves human company.

Poppet is suffering from a loss of hearing so should be rehomed away from any busy roads.

Despite her being a mature cat, Poppet still has a playful side and likes to bat a toy about when in the right mood.

She cannot live with dogs or older children.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home has also launched a winter appeal to try to raise £20,000 that will go towards equipment and vet bills.

The head veterinarian at the centre Michaela said: "It’s thanks to fundraising appeals like these that we have the equipment and supplies on hand to treat animals quickly, to give them the best chance of recovery."

The fundraiser can be found on the Bath Cats and Dogs Home website along with pictures of the animals that are in need of help this Christmas.