The 'wall of kindness' in Cornwall where people are donating coats to keep others warm

Truro Cathedral has teamed up with Royal Cornwall Hospital's Trust to create the wall. Credit: Truro Cathedral

A 'Wall of Kindness' has been set up in Truro to encourage people to donate coats for people who are struggling to stay warm this winter.

People who no longer want or need their coats can hang them up on the pegs mounted onto a wall in a car park outside Truro Cathedral.

The cathedral has teamed up with Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust after noticing an increase in the number of people coming to them unable to afford warm clothing.

Clinical director and consultant nurse hepatologist at Royal Cornwall Hospital, Liz Farrington, said: "Over the past year or so we've seen a real increase in the number of people on our streets.

"For me, I would struggle greatly to last one night out on the street but to actually have your whole existence about trying to keep warm and find food and stay safe is really difficult.

"It obviously has a significant impact on people's health and wellbeing

"To make a difference to people's day, donate a coat to the wall of kindness and these will go to the homeless people in Truro to help them stay warm this winter."

Dean Simon Robinson from Truro Cathedral added: "As a cathedral, we are seeking to support those who need both general support and specific forms of support.

"The Wall of Kindness has, in particular, been moving.

"Every day there are new coats on the pegs, donated by strangers for those who are struggling with the winter cold.

"We are discussing further ways that we can extend our ministry to those in need and respond to the current needs of the communities that we are seeking to support."