Three-time cancer survivor wins life-changing prize money

  • Watch the moment Bill and Linda Puffett found out they won £60,000

A great-grandad from Wiltshire, who survived cancer three times, has won £60,000 in the People's Postcode Lottery.

Bill Puffett, 80, from Bishopstone was announced as the winner on Christmas Eve.

The pensioner received the cheque after a surprise knock at the door from the Postcode Lottery.

He said: “After everything I’ve been through with my health, this is the icing on the cake.

“I’ve had three lots of cancer and I thought I was very lucky after they said I was cancer-free for the third time but to now win £60,000, I nearly fainted!

"I was shaking, and it wasn’t due to the cold, the feeling was indescribable. To have that much money in your hand, it just doesn’t feel real.”

Bill had cancer three times. It began when he was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) and had to go to the hospital to get a big chunk of skin removed from his shoulder.

A couple of years later, Bill found out he had prostate cancer after his wife took him to A&E when it was discovered that he was passing blood.

He said: “Lucky enough, my doctor caught it early enough and I received intense radiotherapy every day of the week until the cancer had gone."

In March 2020, two years after getting the all-clear from prostate cancer, doctors discovered he had bowel cancer. Bill had an operation which despite it being successful, it left him in unbearable pain for weeks.

Bill and Linda were "over the moon" to win such a large amount of money Credit: People's Postcode Lottery

He added: “Thankfully, I’ve had the all clear now - touch wood – but I can’t say it’s not going to come back because it’s always a possibility.”

The money means that Linda, Bill's wife can now retire from her job as a senior care worker.

Bill said: “The night after the Postcode Lottery surprised us Linda quit her job. So, that was another big bonus.

“She’s been working 12-hour days, four days a week and the other night, before we won, I was thinking why can’t something happen that would mean Linda could retire.”

The couple plans to spend their winnings on house renovations and treating their family.

The other winner on the street, who won £30,000, opted to remain anonymous. The winners’ prizes will be paid into their bank accounts.

Bill said he’d be celebrating the meal with his family: “I’ve booked a table in a local pub, the Sunday roast is second to none, and I’ve got all the family together for a Christmas meal.

Postcode Lottery ambassador Matt Johnson presented Bill with his prize cheque.

After delivering the prize, he said: “I had such a great time surprising Bill with such an amazing amount of money. His reaction was lovely, and he definitely wasn’t expecting it.

“Congratulations to both our winners in Bishopstone. I hope they have a fantastic time treating themselves, and their loved ones, with the cash.”