Remembering the day Brazilian football legend Pele played at Plymouth Argyle's Home Park

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As the world pays tribute to Brazilian football legend Pele after his death, many are sharing memories of times they've seen him play.

For Plymouth Argyle fans, perhaps one of the most memorable occasions was the 1973 match at Home Park against Pele's Santos team, which saw the Pilgrims win.

On March 14 that year, the football legend played at Plymouth Argyle's stadium with his Santos squad in a friendly as part of their European tour.

The League One team ended up beating the Brazilian side 3-2 in front of almost 40,000 fans.

Brazil were at that time world champions, having won the 1970 World Cup.

During the game Argyle took a third-minute lead finishing the first half with an impressive score of 3–0 by the break.

When the half-time whistle blew, Pele was swamped by supporters hoping for an autograph.

In a penalty kick from the international sporting legend during the second half, Pele closed the gap to 3–2.

When the whistle blew the Pilgrims were left celebrating one of the club's biggest victories.

The game was a huge success and gave Plymouth Argyle their own special piece of history. It very nearly didn't happen though.

Club Secretary at the time Graham Little recalled how Santos demanded an extra £2000 minutes before kick-off.

"They said they weren't going to play and £2000 in those days was a lot of money," he explained during an interview with ITV News in 2018.

Pele posed for photos after the match with Plymouth Argyle players.

"There would have been riots had the game not gone ahead so we sorted it."

The issue itself was then forwarded to Fifa and Plymouth received the £2000 back shortly afterwards.

Graham sadly passed away last year but his son Alan recalls the game well having gone as a supporter on his 17th birthday.

"I remember it very fondly," he said.

"It was my 17th birthday and I sat right in to top of the Mayflower stand with my brother-in-law.

Graham Little putting extra seats out around the pitch on the day of the game. Credit: Alan Little

"I remember that there were seats being put out around the pitch, like deck chairs, so they could try and squeeze everyone in. It was crazy to think of now.

"It wasn't actually the best game but it was a fantastic occasion. Dad then went to the reception at the Holiday Inn after the match as well and he always said about how amazing it was to have them there.

"I don't think Pele spoke very good English at that point but Dad said that he was very nice and friendly.

"He was so proud that Pele had played on our pitch. Stuff like that just doesn't happen so it was an amazing moment and it is really sad to hear he has passed away."