Three puppies abandoned in cardboard box on Wiltshire road could soon find forever homes

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A trio of poorly puppies who were rescued by the RSPCA in Wiltshire after being abandoned in a cardboard box have received hundreds of enquiries from potential adopters.

The three youngsters were left by the side of a road near Royal Wootton Bassett just days before Christmas.

The RSPCA rescued the ten-week-old spaniel/pug crosses, who they've named Holly, Mary and Rudey.

RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer, Freya Lamb, is investigating how the puppies came to be abandoned and left in such bad condition.

"They had ear mites, they were underweight and generally very unsocialised, nervous. They are learning now to trust people but they were very stand-offish", she told ITV News.

Two of the puppies also have cherry eye - a common condition in flat-faced breeds, which will require surgery.

The RSPCA says the story of Holly, Mary and Rudey is far from unusual, as the charity has seen a 25% increase in abandoned animals over the last year during the cost of living crisis.

But, Freya says, owners should always reach out for help if they're struggling to afford to care for their pet properly.

"There are schemes out there to help like pet foodbank schemes and voucher schemes with various charities", she said.

"There are vet payment plans if you are struggling with the vet bill - speak to your vet", she added.

The puppies have received a lost of interest already though, as Freya says they've had more than 100 enquiries from potential new owners. As soon as their treatment is complete, they will be ready for rehoming.