Dog rescued through power of social media after going on a 24-hour adventure around Bristol

  • Watch Liz Lewitt and Perdy on ITV News West Country

A dog in Bristol gave its owners twenty-four hours of worry after running around the city, evading capture and narrowly avoiding getting hit by several cars.

Perdy the podenco dog, was seen by dozens of people across the city after 'getting spooked' and running away from her owners.

Taking to social media to help look for her missing pooch, Liz Lewitt says she received a number of messages from people saying they'd seen Perdy.

After 24 hours Perdy was reunited with her owner - but not before going on quite the adventure.

Liz said: "[Podencos] are used to running miles and miles on very little food.

"There were sitings in Arnos Vale, in Victoria Park, at Brislington behind the PDSA, up Wells Road, by Broadwalk shopping centre - she was just seen all over the place," Liz explained.

Perdy has only been in the UK for seven weeks, after Liz rescued her from behind a bin, meaning that her owners have not yet been able to chip her with a tracker.

Liz added: "She was a stray and I found her in the wild behind a dumped bin so she's used to living on her wits.

"In some ways I think she had better survival instincts than some domesticated dogs but obviously not used to the city - so it was terrifying."

Despite being hit by several cars, Perdy miraculously was not injured.

Liz added: "She's got one little bruise on her hip, a little graze and that's it."