Woman fed up with fly-tipping dumps waste at Gloucester address found amongst the rubbish

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A woman who was fed up with fly-tipping in Gloucester discovered a letter amongst a pile of rubbish and dumped it at the address written on it.

Holly Smith packed all the rubbish, found on a country lane in Upton St Leonards, into her trailer and delivered it back to the address.

Holly said: "You know it's in everyone's way, it's in the middle of the road, so I just wanted to get it out the way pretty much I just had that urge to get it gone."

She filmed herself leaving the rubbish at the address and can be heard saying: "There's all your rubbish back now next time get yourself something to do it properly!"

Holly reported it to Stroud District Council and sent over the letter as evidence.

She told ITV News West Country: "They were more than happy for me to take it back. I started to tip it all out onto the drive and the neighbours came out and said well done, good on you!

"I felt really happy because I've got rid of it and I've done something for the community.

Holly packed up the waste into her trailer and dumped it at the address on the letter

"This community is immaculate, you won't find any rubbish around here, it's very lovely and I felt really bad for everybody with people walking past and saying 'it's terrible, there's rubbish everywhere' so it's like right I'm gonna deal with it I'm gonna sort it out."

A spokesperson from Stroud District Council said: "Fly-tipping is illegal and where evidence is strong enough, the council will prosecute.

"Generally, we do not advise touching waste as it may contain hazardous items but instead, note the time and location of the fly-tip, and report it.

"Waste collectors must be registered on the Environment Agency's website and have a valid Waste Carrier's Licence, and residents should ask where their rubbish will go, and keep receipts for the service provided."

ITV News West Country visited the address and a man who answered the door suggested that the rubbish might have belonged to a previous tenant. He said he did not have any knowledge of who removed it.

The property owner told ITV News that they always use a licensed refuse company when needed.

Holly, who does not have any regrets about her actions says: "Would I do it again? Yeah I'll do it 10 times over happily."

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