Bits of crumbling Birnbeck Pier in Weston-super-Mare fall into sea following storm

Birnbeck Pier Credit: BPM Media

A crumbling pier in North Somerset is still ‘falling into the sea’ as storms batter the region.

Birnbeck Pier, a dilapidated structure in Weston-super-Mare, has suffered further damage as a result of the recent bad weather.

Part of the decking on the bridge has now fallen into the sea and people are warning others to stay away from the dangerous area.

A spokesman for the Birnbeck Regeneration Trust said: “Part of the bridge decking has succumbed to the elements.

“While the metal structure is still in place, the wooden planks have fallen through. We can't emphasise enough that the bridge is not safe either to attempt to cross or pass underneath.

“Stay safe, don't take risks as this endangers your own and the lives of other people.”

The latest damage comes just weeks after the announcement that North Somerset Council won a compulsory purchase to buy the landmark.

Once the pier is in the council’s ownership it would be transferred to the RNLI. As part of the plan, the RNLI will restore the pier and build a new lifeboat station, training facility and other operational buildings.