Mum's heartbreak as breakthrough suggests former Bath Rugby star Levi Davis was kidnapped

Levi Davis has not been seen since 29 October in Barcelona, Spain.
Levi Davis was last seen in Barcelona on 29 October

The family of rugby player Levi Davis who went missing in Barcelona say a new breakthrough suggests he may have been kidnapped.

The 24-year-old was last seen on 29 October in the city, and despite rumoured sightings of him, has not been found.

Levi's mother, Julie Davis, says her life has been "upside down" since her son's disappearance.

In December, the family announced they were hiring a private investigator to help the search for Levi.

Today (13 January), Julie told ITV News the detective received an anonymous tip-off a few days ago to say the former Bath Rugby player, from Birmingham, may have been kidnapped by a London gang.

Levi Davis was last seen leaving the The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona

"The person seemed cagey and didn't say much other than he thought it was in relation to a gang or some falling out that could go back to 2020," Julie said.

"It's all news to me. I knew Levi had difficulties with some people in Ealing but I didn't realise it was to this extent, it's just a bit shocking."

The Worthing Raiders player was captured by CCTV leaving The Old Irish Pub in Barcelona. But it is believed there may have been another sighting of him later in the day outside the Hard Rock Restaurant.

In an effort to find her son, Ms Davis travelled to Barcelona in November to retrace his steps.

A few days later, local police then made another breakthrough, when they discovered her son's passport.

Julie Davis travelled to Barcelona to try and find her son Credit: ITV News

'A step in the right direction'

Speaking of the latest development that Levi may have been kidnapped, Julie said: "The breakthrough is important, at least it's something in the way of news.

"I've been waiting for however long for something and someone to come forward. It still doesn't give me closure because we don't know where Levi is, but at least it's maybe a step in the right direction."

The worried mum says she hopes the breakthrough will mean Spanish police take the case "more seriously".

Levi's friend, Richard Squire, who he was visiting in Ibiza, has been the family's main point of contact with the police in Barcelona.

"Richard's been chasing them up all the time because he speaks Spanish," Julie said. "We haven't had much feedback from them. I don't know if it's the language barrier or what."

'My life is on hold, my life is upside down'

She said Christmas was a painful time as the family couldn't celebrate without Levi.

"I didn't want to celebrate it, to be honest, it was like, 'what's the point?' because he's not here. It was a real missing piece of the family that made it not the same.

"My life is on hold, my life is upside down."

The family now want to hear from anyone with any information about Levi's whereabouts, even if it is passed on anonymously.

"Someone might be nervous about retaliation if they come forward with details and give a name or something, but even if it's information that could shed some light on what's happened, just to give us that little bit more leading to Levi's whereabouts.

"They don't have to give their name, just something or maybe someone who knows. If you're anonymous, we don't mind.

"We just want to know he's okay and he's alive, that would be such a big help for me mentally."