Hinkley Point C engineer injured in Bridgwater bus crash says he 'thought he was dead'

  • Crash victim speaks to ITV News

An engineer working at Hinkley Point C says he thought he was dead after the bus he was travelling in overturned on the A39 near Bridgwater.

The bus, which was carrying 70 workers to the nuclear power station site, crashed near Cannington at around 6am this morning (17 January).

There have so far been no fatalities but multiple people were injured. Police say it is too soon to say if their injuries are life-threatening or life-changing.

Ashokkumar Ramasamy, 27, was taken to Bridgwater hospital after suffering an injury to his hand during the crash.

Dozens of Hinkley Point C workers on their way to work were injured in the crash.

Despite needing an operation for his injuries, he says he feels lucky to be alive after seeing the other passengers around him.

Speaking to ITV News, Ashokkumar said: "I was on the first floor of the double-decker bus - on the right-hand side. Suddenly I heard a sound, someone shouting 'oh my God', then the bus swerved right and left and then fell down.

"Everyone who works at the station gets the bus, so there were lots of people on it - engineers and workers - everyone.

"It happened in seconds, people were shouting that they were crushed, it was so scary.

"When it happened I thought I was dead. I feel so lucky that I only broke my hand, that's it.

"In the moment my mind was blank, I just thought of my wife."

  • Aerial footage shows scene of Bridgwater bus crash

Ashokkumar, who has worked at Hinkley Point for 10 months, added: "I was praying to God that the bus wouldn't flip more than once. I feel lucky, even though I was in an accident, it could have been worse.

"I saw people with much worse injuries, I only hurt my hand. I will have to have an operation on my hand in a week.

"People were very helpful. Within 20 minutes there were people helping us. People were helping and prioritising those that were more injured. But I'm okay."