Bristol's Judd Trump on his Masters win and returning to his home in the West Country

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Bristolian snooker star Judd Trump said that his second Masters win was an incredibly proud moment for him but he hasn't had time to celebrate it yet.

Trump, who won the title after beating Mark Williams in a thrilling tie on Sunday, said that winning the competition was something he had always dreamed of. Winning it twice though was beyond his wildest imagination.

"It was really special," he told ITV News.

"Growing up it was always a dream of mine and always something that I really wanted to do but to have done it is special.

"I think my form and ability to compete at the top for longer has really improved recently and so I'm really happy that I am able to keep playing and keep winning the biggest titles."

The 33-year-old has won the competition before, in 2019, but said that this time he has not been able to celebrate quite as he would have liked.

Judd Trump with his family after his Masters win. Credit: PA images

"I had to come straight to Cheltenham to play at the World Grand Prix so I haven't really had a chance for it to sink in yet," he continued.

"After this though I have a couple of weeks off so I am hoping that I can do something to mark that win during that time."

It may be that the residents of Bristol see him celebrating in the city with the world number four recently relocating back to the city after a number of years away.

He had moved to Essex in his early adult life to continue his training but says that the comfort of home and his success in the sport has played a part in him returning to where his family and friends are still based.

"I am glad to be back," he said.

Judd Trump speaking to Ross Arnott at the World Grand Prix.

"It is nice to be here because everyone is always incredibly friendly. I know the support I have from the area and it is always really nice to see."

As mentioned Judd is currently competing in the World Grand Prix in Cheltenham and he said being able to play in his home region is a huge positive, he does though feel there is more work to be done in bringing the sport to other areas.

"It is nice being back here in Cheltenham, it is a huge competition and one I really enjoy," he said.

"My dream though is to one day get a competition in Bristol, it would be so good to get the home support out for that and to try and grow the sport there as well."

Judd advanced to the semi-finals of the World Grand Prix on Friday, he plays Shaun Murphy in the next round of the competition.