Drone footage shows rescue of vulnerable person after search in Cornwall

  • Watch the footage released by Devon and Cornwall Police

Drone footage shows the moment a vulnerable person was rescued in Cornwall.

Police were aware that the person was in immediate need of help but because of it being dark and in a quiet rural area, found it very difficult to locate them from the ground.

The team of officers were able to find the individual after one of the armed response team flew a drone over the search area.

Thanks to the thermal imaging technology used by the drone pilot, officers were able to find the person in need of assistance within 15 minutes of launching from Redruth.

The officers on the ground were then guided to the right location. The incident happened at around 1.30am on 5 January.

Devon and Cornwall Police have released the footage on their social media.

The post reads: "You can see how hard it was for officers on the ground to search the vast rural area in the dark.

"We're confident in saying that without the drone, this could have had a very different outcome.

"Great work by everyone involved and we're pleased to say the person was able to get the help they needed."